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Leadership, College & Career

The first component to being successful is learning the importance of quality leadership. Leadership is the base to career and college choices. KATB provides a wide variety of leadership opportunities for our youth both in a learning environment and in practical application. 

College is daunting, especially for first generation students. We offer assistance in everything from choosing a college, filling out the applications to navigating financial aid and housing. Weekly group classes and individual guidance sessions are available. 

Sometimes taking a gap year or a couple is the best choice for students. We support career exploration and job shadowing, we strive to provide information for students to make solid choices about their career goals. Classes on how to fill out a job application and resumes are offered on a regular basis. We also support internships and apprenticeships, helping connect our youth with employers (both local and across the state) to take the first step into careers. 

KATB’s college and career support increases the number of first generation and minority students who pursue their high school diploma and move on to higher education. We help families to tackle financial aid and we are there for the challenging transition to a college environment. Too many first-generation students get lost at college. They have the intellect, the educational credentials, and the drive to succeed. They are simply unprepared for how far outside their comfort zone college will be.


The young professionals who successfully graduate face further hurdles when they return and discover they no longer fit in at home as they did before. They want to give back to their rural community, but they now need support of a different kind – from their young adult peers who have walked the same path. KATB’s peer mentoring program offers professional leadership development along with the emotional support of friends and colleagues.

College isn’t right for every kid, and not all are academic highflyers. KATB opens the door to apprenticeships in trades, tech and other rewarding career paths.​

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In 2020, five KATB students became the first in their families to attend college.

In 2020, five KATB students became the first in their families to attend college.

TNT Leaders from Kids At Their best talk with a group of children and parents

Open to youth
Ages 12-22

A TNT Leader hangs out at a summer meal site for Kids At Their Best

Activities & Program Info

Great leaders all start with a little training.


TNT (Teens & Tweens) is the place to learn how to become a strong leader. You can hone your personal leadership skills and connect with your community enjoying hands-on projects.

Through TNT you will be able to learn about and participate in local and state government, improve your public speaking skills, and best of all, contribute to your community.   

TNT meets at the KATB office on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Thursdays of the month from 6:00-8:00 p.m. 12 –18-year-olds can register online or at a site. There is no cost for participation in TNT.  

Kids At Their Best alumni and staff member Raquel Galvan

The programs that Kids At Their Best provides have helped me become a great leader as well as a follower. I have benefited from the different programs because they have allowed me to grow out of my shell and get involved more in and outside of my community.

Raquel, 18

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