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TNT (Teens ‘n’ Tweens) shows low-income students ages 12-17 how to become confident leaders. This is the critical age, where teens see alcohol, drugs, and crime all around them. These young people yearn for meaning and responsibility. They find both with paid employment as KATB summer counselors, where they experience the joy and reward of sharing what they have learned with the younger kids.


They enjoy access to the same enrichment activities their wealthier peers take for granted - a yearly retreat to Breckenridge, a Day at the Capitol to meet legislative leaders, STEM Day with local scientists, and opportunities to shadow and be mentored by successful professionals.

  • Over the past eight years 100% of KATB kids in our program in the final year of high school, have graduated and received their diploma.

  • Girls’ Stem introduces young women to female engineers, computer programmers, fire fighters, rocket scientists, and other non-traditional fields.

TNT Leaders from Kids At Their best talk with a group of children and parents

Open to youth

Ages 12-17

A TNT Leader hangs out at a summer meal site for Kids At Their Best

Activities & Program Info

Great leaders all start with a little training.


TNT (Teens & Tweens) is the place to learn how to become a strong leader. You can hone your personal leadership skills and connect with your community enjoying hands-on projects.

Through TNT you will be able to learn about and participate in local and state government, improve your public speaking skills, and best of all, contribute to your community.   

TNT meets weekly at several locations (see schedule). Due to COVID we are currently meeting online. 12 –18-year-olds can register online or at a site. There is no cost for participation in TNT.  

Kids At Their Best alumni and staff member Raquel Galvan

The programs that Kids At Their Best provides have helped me become a great leader as well as a follower. I have benefited from the different programs because they have allowed me to grow out of my shell and get involved more in and outside of my community.

Raquel, 18

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