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Summer Blast Program

At KATB, leadership begins with BLAST, our summer program at eight neighborhood sites throughout the community for children ages 6-11. BLAST combats summer learning loss and gives children a fun memorable summer, with nutritious meals, and educational and emotional support. These kids revel in exploration and discovery. They enjoy art and music, science experiments, reading, and physical activities. They design their own community outreach projects – one year they covered Fort Morgan with flocks of flamingos as a fund raiser!


Staffing is provided almost entirely by KATB’s 12-17-year-olds, and supervised by older KATB grads home from college. The littlest kids see in the high school and college students that their future has infinite possibilities.  

kids at their best summer blast logo
Kids at Their Best kis running across a blacktop with painted lily pads

Open to Kids Ages 6-11

A kids at their best child showing off his pinecone craft

Activities & Program Info

Looking for some fun and educational summer activities? Looking for summer meals? BLAST is the place.


Kids ages 6 –18 spend three hours each day on the things that make summer fun - art, science, music, an onsite library, and lots of games including water sports!   Younger children are welcome, but must have supervision.

Students receive breakfast and a fresh lunch daily – all at no cost.  Come for the meals or come for the day. All programs are drop-in and designed to fit your schedule.

Students can be pre-enrolled or enroll on site. Register today!

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