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About KATB


Founded in 2006, Kids At Their Best began as a dance program to build self-esteem and healthy habits for young girls in Morgan County. It quickly evolved into a mobile enrichment program to feed hungry children in the summer months when school meals were no longer available. Today, KATB is a year-round leadership program for kids from Kindergarten through college and beyond!

Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower rural young people from low-income families to change their life trajectory and become successful, productive adults. Based in Morgan County, we serve 600+ kids across the Eastern Plains from kindergarten through college and into the workforce.

Across rural Colorado, one in six children grows up in poverty. Because of circumstances beyond their control, too many kids never reach their full potential. KATB is changing that dynamic! Our mobile program meets kids where they are – in their own neighborhoods. This overcomes the huge barrier of lack of transportation and their parents’ need to work odd shifts.

Until KATB began most kids never even considered higher education; they expected to grow up and work at the plant or for one of the dairies. KATB provides a framework within which they can imagine a future that is very different from their daily experience; we provide the practical tools and emotional support they need to make that future a reality, then we let go of the reins and allow them to lead.

local law enforcement officer playing with Kids At Their best children on the playground they all built

Building playgrounds for neighborhoods in need!

In 2018, with the help of Kaboom, Colorado Health Foundation, Log Lane Village, and Landmark Mobile Homes, KATB’s youth leadership spearheaded a project to build two playgrounds in high poverty areas with no safe recreational space.

flamingos flocked at Peppy's Coffee in Fort Morgan, Colorado
Blow up flamingos decorating a float for a parade

Why the Flamingo?

A few years back we decided to do a fund raiser where people could donate to KATB and have the house of their choice "flocked" with flamingos in their yard. In order to have the flamingos removed, you had to donate to move them on to their next location. 

The fund raiser was so successful and noticeable that KATB became synonymous with the pink flamingo despite being in landlocked Colorado.

Kids At Their Best flamingo logo head
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