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KATB’s college and career support increases the number of first generation and minority students who pursue their high school diploma and move on to higher education. We help families to tackle financial aid and we are there for the challenging transition to a college environment. Too many first-generation students get lost at college. They have the intellect, the educational credentials, and the drive to succeed. They are simply unprepared for how far outside their comfort zone college will be.


The young professionals who successfully graduate face further hurdles when they return and discover they no longer fit in at home as they did before. They want to give back to their rural community, but they now need support of a different kind – from their young adult peers who have walked the same path. KATB’s peer mentoring program offers professional leadership development along with the emotional support of friends and colleagues.

College isn’t right for every kid, and not all are academic highflyers. KATB opens the door to apprenticeships in trades, tech and other rewarding career paths.​

In 2020, five KATB students became the first in their families to attend college.


Open to young adults 18+


Activities & Program Info

Add content specifically for parents/teens. What services are offered. Tutoring, help with FAFSA, resume/interview help, etc.

Do they need to have been in the Blast or TNT to participate?

Any testimonials from the 5 who were the first in their family to graduate college?

Statistics about the KATB program related to kids moving on to college or a cte program?


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