You are invited to Kids at their best's annual superhero soiree at 5:30pm on November 3rd, 2018!

Country Steak-Out

19592 E 8th Ave

Fort Morgan, CO 80701

Super Flamingo.png

Be it brightest day or darkest night, Here is a chance to shed your secret identity for the evening and continue saving the lives of fort morgan's children. At our superhero soiree, you can don your own mask, cruise through gotham, grab a bite to eat in Hell's kitchen, and decide once in for all which side is better: marvel or DC. In addition to a super-powered program, your evening will include live and silent auctions, superhero trivia, Wine and superhero box draws, and a chance to help your community.

Wonder Flamingo.png

If interested, tickets are only $20! You can also purchase a specially decorated table for you and the other 7 members of your team for $150.

please Contact us at:


or stop into our office to buy your ticket today!

131 Maine Street, Log Lane Village, Co 80705

Iron Flamingo.png

If you want to do more than just make your superhero debut, we're also accepting sponsors and donations for auction items. 

for $500 you can join our Super Flock and receive a decorated table, a banner and place on our t-shirt advertising your business, mentions throughout the program, as well as special VIP treatment for the entire evening.

Become a SUper Flamingo for $250 and get a decorated table, a banner, mentions, and a shirt logo.

$50 will make you a Caped Flamingo and $100 will make you a Wonder flamingo; both of which will give you a shirt logo as well as mentions and thanks throughout the evening.


If you don't have the pockets of Bruce Wayne, we are also accepting small items to fill silent auction baskets. Or, you can get crafty and make a basket of your own! All proceeds go to Kids at Their Best and will help us carry out our teens and tweens enrichment program as well as continue helping the youth of Morgan county throughout the year!