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Poverty can stigmatize and silence the brightest kids. Not KATB kids! Our public speaking training provides confidence, poise and the ability to meet with anyone anywhere. Our kids speak at council meetings, public events, and school functions. They know how to marshal their thoughts and opinions into cogent, persuasive arguments for their side of the issue. The ability to speak without fear, to convey a succinct message, and to engage an audience is a huge boost to our kids’ confidence and helps set them up for college and career.

The Kids At Their Best Speech Program is open to any student, 6-18. Participants learn to develop and present speeches for a competition in Northern Colorado. Older students who have successfully completed the program help younger candidates in the development of their speeches for the final presentations. Competition winners receive monetary awards.

kids at their best speech group

open to ages 6-18

A Kids At Their Best child making a speech

Activities & Program Info

Add content specifically for parents/teens. Maybe the speech requirement for high school graduation and how this prepares them? Not really sure, but maybe a list of activities or skills developed?

Do they need to have been in the Blast or TNT or C4 to participate?

Competition info?

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