Our Programs

The programs that Kids at Their Best provides have helped me become a great leader as well as a follower. I have been benefitted by the different programs because they have allowed me to grow out of my shell and be involved more in and outside of my community.
— Raquel, 18
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Kids at Their Best currently has three programs which are designed to help our kids grow into community conscious and successful adults. From ages 6-20, our kids will express themselves and learn through our summer programs, learn how to find their voice and gain work experience through TNT, and get the tools they need to succeed in college through c4 Academy.

The biggest strength of our programs is that they feed into each other through a holistic process. This starts with our summer programs which work to give kids a safe place to hang out and learn with other kids in their community. As our kids get older, they are able to join TNT which allows them to not only take on a leadership roll within their community, but to then work the summer programs they attended as kids. This hands-on work experience then helps them gain the confidence and skills to succeed after they graduate high school. Our kids who have now been accepted to college serve as both a role model for our younger kids and as ambassadors for our organization.

Of course, we do have a few projects that don't fit quite as neatly into this system; however, that doesn't make them any less exciting for important for our kids to participate in.

Community Projects


Kids At Their Best has been involved in multiple community projects throughout the years including:

Broncos Day: Kids At Their Best hosted members of the Denver Broncos to come out to Morgan County to encourage kids to get outside and get active.

Mobile Food Truck: Our TNT kids spent a year running a mobile food truck which provided food to local communities who were unable to travel to the county food bank.

Kaboom! Playgrounds (In Process):  We are partnering with local communities and national organizations to build state-of-the art parks for children, families, and the elderly alike.