Serving Rural Colorado’s Hardest-to-Reach

Across rural Colorado, one in six children grows up in poverty. Of the counties in the United States with the highest poverty rates, 90% are rural. Because of circumstances beyond their control, millions of kids never reach their full potential.

Since 2006, Kids At Their Best has been on the ground providing support to the most isolated and underserved children in rural Colorado. From our earliest days as a dance studio - helping children see the importance of a healthy lifestyle - to today, our team goes where others cannot.

Explore our Work in Rural Colorado

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we help rural Colorado’s most vulnerable children through their years of school and throughout the summer so they can succeed in school and in life. Kids At Their Best is a leading advocate for children, ensuring their voices are heard and their best interests are prioritized. We fill critical gaps in services and deliver ascendable solutions to the challenges children face.


Nutrition and Enrichment

During the summer months in rural Colorado, 5 out of 6 or approximately 1,000 children who rely on Free & Reduced school meals aren’t getting meals in the summer. Also during the summer students can lose nearly 20 percent of their school-year gains in reading and math. This percentage grows the older the children are. That’s why proper nutrition and enrichment activities during the summer months is a large part of Kids At Their Best’s work. Throughout our BLAST summer program, we help children by providing a safe place, access to nutrition and enrichment, while creating a sense of belonging in their community.


Empowered Leaders

It is well known that societies children become the leaders in the world. Kids At Their Best believes that ALL teens should have the opportunity to be successful and contributing members in their community. Through trainings, educational activities, and job opportunities, our TNT Leadership Program strives to empower teens and tweens to become the next leaders in our community.

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College and Career

The highest-poverty schools lack resources and supports, making postsecondary preparation very challenging. Students in high=poverty schools are less likely to enroll in college or training programs that lead to viable careers. Those who do enroll often need remedial academic support, creating financial barriers. The C4 Program with Kids At Their Best is designed to offer support and resources of students between 9th grade and the first year of college or training school. Areas we focus on include, but not limited to budget planning, resume and cover letter building, and FAFSA assistance.