c4 academy program

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c4 Academy is a program designed to help teens and young adults (17-20) make the transition from high school to college or the workforce.  We have a variety of programs, lessons, and opportunities available to help local students take their first steps into the world such as:

  • Online C4 Academy: Short videos and Resources to help kids and parents navigate choosing the right path for their futures!

  • Girl's STEM Day: An all day conference which exposes girls to the STEM field from local experts in areas ranging from fire science, to 3D printing, to DNA.

  • Government Days: Kids are given the opportunity to visit the statehouse and meet prominent politicians and lawyers as they learn how laws are made and the legal process works.

  • Internship Opportunities: Kids At Their Best partners with local business and college throughout the Northeast to provide internships and professional experiences to high school and college students.

  • Dropout Program: A region wide initiative to help dropout students receive their GED.