12th Grade Career Track.png

Welcome to the 12th Grade Career Track

You are In your final year of high school and things will start falling in place for moving on to the next stage in life after school is over. This page will be your destination for everything you need to know to prepare for your future career and getting through this last part of high school. Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events and utilize the checklist and other materials to guide you through the year!


The plan of study is to help you map out how to reach your career, also known as your goal. Most of you have 1 to 7 years before reaching a career, so it’s important to use this time to prepare for it.

A cover letter allows us to tell a potential employer a little bit more about ourselves, along with explaining what position we are interested in and why.

If you have a resume, this is the time to update all of the things you have done over the summer. If you do not, Use this document to assist you in building your resume to begin applying for part-time jobs and your future careers. This resume will change with you as you grow through school and beyond.

We make thousands of decisions each day, some are small and some are so big that it can affect the rest of our life!

Your decisions you make are based largely on your personal values. When looking for jobs to match you values, remember your goals are attainable. Your dream job might not happen right out of high school, but looking towards the future and having steps to reach your long term goals is essential to success!