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Welcome to the 10th Grade College Track!

These modules are here to help you focus on challenges that you face and help you prepare for the rest of high school and beyond!


Think about what career path you wish to take and direct your plans to fit with that path! You can always go back and adjust this plan of study as you grow and explore the multiple careers that are available to you!

Job Searching and Applications

When you are in search of a job, you will find thousands of ads. It is important that we do our research, so that we don’t interview at 100 jobs just to find out that we don’t like any of them

A resume is important to the job searching process. It will be required of any job, so you want it ready to go before you begin applying. Your resume is going to constantly change as you change.

In today’s market place, many applications will be electronic. When you apply for a job, the application may be step-by-step web-based application. These are some tips that will help you not only secure a job, but protect your personal information!

These are some potential interview questions. There are thousands of questions that can be asked in an interview, but these are some of the basic questions in six different categories. Though interview questions may be worded differently, most will be asking the same questions as the ones listed here.

This guides you to answer some of the questions from the mock interview. These are ways to begin brainstorming for future interview questions!

Having a successful interview is the difference between getting hired or not. These are some easy tips to help you prepare for interview day!

Before accepting any position, make sure that the position and the company are a good fit for you! Here are some things to think about before you say yes.

Most of us are busy with school and other obligations, so for the next several years, you are probably more interested in finding part-time job opportunities. Part-time work is a great way to have a little extra money while in high school.

Most associate people with a good attitude as also being successful in the workplace. This can be for many reasons. This link will go through what an attitude is and what are the signs of good and bad attitude.

If you are not sure what career you wish to do, an internship is a great way to learn more about a career.

If you have made up your mind, an internship is a great way to discover more about the occupation and gives you experience towards you future career that can go on a resume!

College Opportunity Fund

In Colorado, we have a College Opportunity Fund, which basically verifies that we are residents, so that we can get in-state tuition!

Heading Off to College

There are several challenges that are upcoming. Graduating high school, finding a job, going to college may be just a few of the challenges you could face. The more you can learn now, the easier these challenges will be.

Why go to School? Why Learn? Because school and learning leads to higher earnings! The U.S. Department of Labor studied the earnings of workers and found that as workers increase their level of education, their average pay also increases. Check out this resource to get a deeper understanding of the different levels of education!

In order to attend college, there are several things that you can do to prepare yourself. this handout to learn about what you can do as a sophomore in high school to start preparing. Use the check sheet that I am giving you to make sure that you have made all of the necessary preparations.

One option you can consider is service in the military. For those who like adventure, this is one way to see the world. The military has several benefits, including paying for college. As with any job, there are some drawbacks you may not like. Joining the military is a major decision and commitment unlike other jobs that you can apply for and then easily quit later. If you are thinking about the military, I would suggest that you sit down with your parents and discuss the option in length.

If you think your test taking days are over when you graduate high school, you are in for a rude awakening. Most every profession has to take tests to review their licensing and keep up to date with new technologies. Doctors have to take the boards. Lawyers have to take the bar exam. Teachers take Praxis exams. Even realtors, electricians, plumbers, nurses, and engineers all have to take tests. Using these tests to practice for standardized tests that you will be taking throughout the rest of high school can help you have more success!